E Cigarettes in UK: Is it a Miracle, or Health Risk?

Recent survey has shown that nearly 2 million individuals in the United Kingdom has started to ditch the typical tobacco smoke and get their nicotine intake through electronic cigarettes. This is a common trend also known as “vaping” as many have said, that this is a better and safer alternative of smoking.


While a lot of individuals in the UK were able to successfully stop smoking through the help of e-cigarettes, the question still remains: is it a miracle, or just another health risk where everyone is exposed to? To help us understand, let us first determine what an e-cigarette is, and why this is considered as a “stop-smoking device”.

Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes in the UK

Over the past few years, different alternatives to smoking have started to storm the market, nicotine gums and patches included. The common problem many smokers encounter is the simple fact that no matter how much they wanted to stop the bad habit of smoking, their body is actually addicted to nicotine, a substance which makes it even more difficult for smokers to ditch the bad habit.

This is why some smokers have turned to alternative ways of getting nicotine inside their body, such as the above-mentioned gums and patches, but the success rates are very low. It has been found out that although nicotine is being introduced to the smoker’s body, the smoking sensation is still missing, making them want to light another cigar and enjoy this deadly vice.

This problem has been resolved as soon as the e cigarette was introduced to everyone not so long ago. An electronic cigarette comes in various forms. It either has cartridges or e-juices, which contain the flavor and the nicotine percentage that you are about to take. This means that people can actually control the amount of nicotine they’d take every time they puff their e-cigar, not to mention that the flavor and the smoking sensation is still there, making people feel like they’re smoking a real stick of cigarette. Some people go with a high nicotine-content juice upon starting, and gradually minimize its levels as their body allows them to. This prevents withdrawal symptoms and other harmful effects that it can bring to the body.

To answer the question, is an electronic cigarette the miraculous device everyone has been looking for to help them stop smoking? Although not everyone is convinced and further studies are needed to fully understand all the components of an e-cig, it is by far the safest and the lesser evil version of a real cigar. Up to date, electronic cigarettes are still considered to be the best methods that can help smokers kill the bad habit of smoking.

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